Keys in a car door illustrate car key replacementFor many people, there’s nothing more annoying than misplacing their car keys. While in most cases people find their keys, there are some cases in which they simply can’t locate them. Other times, people break their keys and don’t have a spare. In either case, car key replacement services can help get them on the road again.

Key Replacement Services Differ From Lockout Services

Some people confuse car key replacement services with car lockout services. While both problems require a locksmith, the actual service differs considerably. With car key replacement services, people need new keys altogether. With lockout services, they know where the keys are but can’t get to them.

Knowing the difference can save people money. Key replacement is often more expensive than a lockout services. The price goes up when individuals need a key fob replaced, as well.

In some cases, locksmiths can even make an inexpensive key for lockout services. These inexpensive keys can open car doors but can’t start engines. Obviously, they don’t work for total car key replacement.

What to Look for in Car Key Replacement Services

First, people want to look for a locksmith who puts their needs first. While there are many locksmiths in White Marsh, Maryland, not all of them focus on customer service. Having good customer service, however, ensures that people can count on them during their time of need.

Next, people have to find out if the locksmith will come to them or not. People who have lost their car keys have trouble getting their cars to a locksmith. Their only other option is to call a tow service, which costs even more money.

Instead, people should look for locksmiths who will come to them. Most locksmiths will only travel a certain distance. It’s important to contact the locksmiths first to make sure that they service the area. This information is even more important if individuals are away from home when they lose their keys.

Finding a locksmith who is accurate with quotes is important too. Unfortunately, some locksmiths lowball their quotes just to get business. Then, they increase the price because of “complications.” Before having the locksmith drive out, people should ensure that they’re comfortable with the price.

What Determines the Cost?

A number of factors determine the cost of getting a key replacement. The make and model of the car plays a big role. Certain vehicles have more complicated keys, for instance.

Next, keys that have a fob cost more. To replace these keys, the locksmith has to reprogram the fob to work with the car. Some keys come built into the fob, while others have a fob that attaches to the keyring. The two-in-one key and fobs cost the most to replace.

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